Research Projects

Myc and Growth

To study the molecular mechanisms and the metabolic pathways induced by the Drosophila homolog of the Myc-proto oncogene in fat cells that regulate systemic growth and in epithelial cells that may favor uncontrolled growth
(Parisi et al, BMC-Bio 2011- Parisi et al Dev Biol 2013)

Nutrients and Fat Metabolism

To identify the mechanisms responsible for the infiltration of hemocytes (macrophage-like cells) in the fat body (larval adipose tissue) of obese-like animals, causing insulin resistance
(Zola et al, manuscript in preparation) 

Neurons and Glia cells in Neurodegenerative Disorders

Analysis of the molecular mechanisms and of the metabolic pathways induced by the expression of the human protein Huntingtin, carrying mutation in the poly-Q responsible for the neuronal and glial degeneration in Huntington Disease
(Raneli et al, manuscript in preparation)